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Friends of Lana`i would like to encourage participation from the community on our website. We have enabled commenting on all of the pages on this site, but we require that the commentor leave his or her full real name and email address. Anonymous comments will be deleted. Please remember, FOL is a community-based organization, and we strive to hear all veiwpoints from within our island Ohana and beyond. We are all neighbors, and we must not lose sight of that fact.


  1. Installing these huge grotesque looking monsters will deface the natural beauty of Lanai. It will change the culture of the island forever. If ever allowed the people will blame themselves for letting this happen.There are no forseable benefits for the people except for the few dollars that will be spent by the people maintaining the project.

  2. If a mainlander took even five minutes with a local islander, they could see why this is such a bad idea. Hawaiians aren’t helpless natives. Time and time again Westerners have come in to impose their ideals onto this beautiful state. And now they are trying again. If Hawaii wants something done, it must be their own decision.

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