Concentrated Solar Power

How it works: (1) By harnessing energy from the sun and (2) storing this energy in molten salt tanks, (3) reliable power can be generated that is (4) distributed to the grid easier than other intermittent power sources.

Why Concentrated Solar Power?

Hawaii’s abundant sunshine and the storage capabilities of CSP allow for a power source that behaves very close to a base (firm, not intermittent) load power. Accelerated government support has increased opportunity and competition while consistently lowering the cost of power produced in this space. The flexibility in design of CSP system allows for a fraction of the land use when compared with wind and its application doesn’t irreparably damage the integrity of the land.

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  1. Putting a massive wind farm on your island is wrong. It is a terrible assault on you environment and way of life. Pattern Energy is an eveil company. I hope you can stop it.

    The concentrated solar thermal plants being built here in the California Desert have similar issues however. The Blythe Solar Project would destroy several sacred sites. See here:

    The Ivanpah Solar Project you are taliking about in the Mojave Desert is destroying desert tortoise habitat. It is one of the most environmentally destructive projects out there.…/how-many-desert-tortoises-at-ivanpah.html

    Please promote distributed generation as an alternative. Big projects like this are not going to help us.

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