Distributed Generation

How it works: 1) A smart grid network allows (2) residential, (3) commercial and (4) industrial customers to generate energy for  consumption and distribution in parallel with the (5)utility; diversifying power options and increasing grid reliability.

Why Distributed Generation?

Why Distributed Generation?

Photovoltaic (PV) panels and Micro Wind Turbines are intermittent power sources, but by distributing their location at the point of use offer a more diverse energy source that fluctuates less with weather patterns in a given area as is seen with centralized power. By using existing rooftops of both residential, commercial and industrial structures, the customer can utilize power generated at the source, so no power losses are realized in distribution as is the case for centralized power, where energy use and demand is often far away from the power source. Also, the existing roof spaces provide a site that is already developed, so no agricultural or culturally sensitive land is used for power generation.

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