Legal Documents

Keahiakawelo Sunset

Attached are some of the legal documents filed by Friends of Lana`i as we try to fight the Big Wind project:

  • The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has opened a docket that will initiate a state-wide Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process to produce a 20-year plan for the utility to meet energy needs.  It is possible that Hawaiian  Electric Company (HECO) will argue that Big Wind on Lana‛i and Moloka’i should not be comparatively and fully considered along with all other potential resources — that it should in effect be “grandfathered” out of that process.  Friends of Lana‛i has petitioned the PUC to make sure that does not happen; that Big Wind be considered as only a potential part of the overall state energy planning efforts.

FOL Letter to the Public Utilities Commission (PDF)

  • FOL’s comments in PUC Docket 2011-0112 were offered in protest to HECO’s efforts to repay itself $4 million out of ratepayer pockets for ‘study’ costs devoted almost exclusively to Big Wind and undertaken without PUC approval.

FOL Comments 2011-0112 (PDF)

  • FOL’s petition to intervene in PUC Docket 2011-0225 was the result of continuing efforts to bargain for Big Wind benefits outside the public view.

FOL Petition to Intervene 2011-0225 (PDF)

  • FOL’s petition to intervene in the Big Wind dockets (-0327 and -0331) was due to a recognition that special treatment was being suggested for industrial wind on the islands of Lana`i and Moloka`i, without the participation or consent of local communities.

FOL Petition to Intervene 2009-0327 & 2007-0331 (PDF)

  • FOL submitted a complaint to the State Office of Procurement when the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism attempted to enlarge an existing contract for environmental studies on Big Wind by $2 million, because they should have gotten it right in the first place.

Office of Procurement Complaint Letter (PDF)

  • The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation took an approach to intervening in the new Big Wind request for proposal (RFP) that underscores the traditional and subsistence practices guaranteed by the State Constitution and other legal authorities to native Hawaiians and other practitioners.

NHLC Intervention (DOC)

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