Please watch our new 60-second spot on KHNL:

Friends of Lana’i recently launched a 60 second television commercial on Hawaii’s KHNL’s 5:00 PM news.

Aimed at making its case with O’ahu residents and ratepayers, FOL talks about the uniqueness of Lana’i and the irresponsible costs that would be borne by rate and taxpayers for a wind power plant that provides nothing for Lana’i while providing less than 5% of O’ahu’s electricity requirements.

What can you do?:

Call the Governor : 808-586-0034 Tell him: “NO WINDMILLS ON LANA’I”

Call the PUC : 808-586-2020 Tell them: “NO WINDMILLS ON LANA’I”

Email the PUC: Tell them: “NO WINDMILLS ON LANA’I”


  1. Every word of this commercial is true! Here in Ontario Canada we are witnessing the overall destruction of endangered species of wildlife, like our Eagles, loss of farmlands, double electrical rates, health problems, loss of sacred native lands and much more . Big Wind makes all the money, supplies nothing but heart-ache and our corrupt Government helps them!!!

    Fight back Hawaii….this is nothing more than a massive Green FRAUD!

  2. Good luck petitioning the PUC. I tried to get some explanation as to why First Wind was charging around 23 cents per KWH when their first project on Maui only charged around8 cents but could not get any response out of them. Imagine what we on Oahu will be charged once we have to cover a cable that costs anywhere between $500M and $1B!

    You’ve got my support,
    Another Oahuan for Lana’i

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